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2021 December Newsletter

Water storage options investigated, Farm Map Sign-off: have you done yours yet?, Applications needed for Stockwater connections next winter, Additional information about the new consent, Merry Christmas! 

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2021 May Newsletter #2

Just a quick update – new consent coming soon, submit your registrations of interest for additional water by 31 May, FEP Updates and baseline confirmation, this season’s audits have wrapped up …

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2021 May Newsletter

Overseer Requirements, Winter Grazing Guidance, End of 2020/2021 Irrigation Season, New Dam Safety Regulations, Your help is needed for Baseline Sign Off at your next FEP Update

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2021 March Newsletter

ALIL ECAN consent renewal progress, winter grazing changes coming, FEP updates starting soon, the impacts of nitrates in drinking water, what will future climate change look like for Canterbury? …

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