Farm Environment Plan (FEP) Audit

FEP Audit Resources

The auditor needs to undertake a level of confidence assessment to determine where you are at with achieving the required good management practice targets and objectives. In order to undertake this assessment, the auditor needs to view evidence of your practices on farm. They will be assessing your farming practices under the following management areas. Click on each of the section headings below for an overview of that section.

This resource folder aims to give examples of potential actions and evidence which could be adopted and kept in order to achieve these bbjectives and targets that the auditor will be achieving on farm.


Objective: The amount and timing of irrigation is managed to meet plant demands, minimise risk of leaching and runoff and ensure efficient water use.


Objective: To maximise nutrient use efficiency while minimising nutrient losses to water.


Objective: The physical and biological condition of soils is maintained or improved in order to minimise the movement of sediment, phosphorus and other contaminants to waterways.


When you have completed your Farm Environmental Plan, several actions with associated timeframes may have been generated. Required actions may have also been generated from a previous audit. An action shows how you are planning to meet GMP in the future.

Good environmental practice is also good farm practice as it not only reduces the impact your farm has on the environment, but maximises the value of the resources you are using.